November 1, 2014

Latest HD News

Google Play Movies & TV arrives on Roku devices

If you've committed your streaming dollars to one of Roku's recent offerings, you're about to get access to a load of new content. The company announced today that Google Play Movies & TV is now available in its Channel Store for folks in the US, UK, … [Read More...]

Wii U, I love you: a premature eulogy

The Wii U is flawed. I won't pretend that it isn't and I won't apologize for it either. If the system had an animal equivalent, it'd be that of a damaged pound puppy. And yet, it's my go-to next-gen console for gaming. The reason for that is simple: … [Read More...]

You can try Sony’s VR headset at the ‘PlayStation Experience’

Tickets for Sony's PlayStation Experience in December go on sale today, but aside from a few coy teases, what you'll do there hasn't been clear. Well, now that's changing. For starters, Project Morpheus -- the catch-up king's VR headset -- is making … [Read More...]

‘Arrested Development’ season four is getting a re-edit

It wasn't a huge mistake, but the structure that Arrested Development's fourth season used was a bit off-putting for some viewers. Each episode followed the foibles of single members of the Bluth family in a few different timelines, and the early … [Read More...]

Vudu lends its on-demand streaming library to TiVo devices

TiVo owners who enjoy doing more than just recording TV shows just got another on-demand option. Walmart's video service, Vudu, will be available on select models soon, bringing over 100,000 movie and television selections for rent or purchase à la … [Read More...]

Latest Mobile News

Not really into the iPhone 6? Sprint lets you rent the Galaxy S5, too

If you prefer to carry Samsung's most recent handset instead of that newfangled iPhone 6, Sprint is now offering the Android option for lease. Until now, the carrier allowed customers to rent Apple's phone for $20 a month for two years. After that, … [Read More...]

Sky could soon launch its own mobile network with help from Vodafone

When BT finally gets round to launching its own-brand mobile network running on EE's 4G infrastructure, it'll join Virgin Media and TalkTalk as a provider of all four main telecoms services: TV, internet, fixed-line telephone and mobile. This would … [Read More...]